ISCLB 2024


The symposium will take place at the ETH Zurich downtown campus (“Zentrum”) in Switzerland. The campus is easily accessible by public transport and the airport. Please note that different segments of the program will take place at different locations on the campus. All is within a very short walking distance though.

Wifi access at the venue

How to connect to WiFi for your devices at the ETH:

With Eduroam:

If your institution is a member of the eduroam network, you can use your credentials to connect to the eduroam network at ETH Zurich. Please check your institutions IT department for more information how to connect

Without Eduroam:

  1. Connect with public-5 or public.
  2. Our landing page will open in your web browser.
  3. Click on the field “Login for ETH guests”.
  4. You have now two possibilities to register:
  5. Via SMS
  6. If you are not already on the page “Mobile Login”, click on the link with the same name in the bottom left.
  7. Enter your mobile number,
  8. You should now receive an SMS with a code. Click on “ Enter access code” to enter this code.
  9. Via e-mail 1. Click on  “Email Login” in the bottom middle. 2. Enter your mailaddress, accept the “Terms of use” and click on “Request access code”. 3. You now receive an e-mail. Click on the link “Validate Network Access” in this mail to activate your access.

This process also works with foreign SIM cards. Please note that these SIM cards must also be configured to receive SMS abroad, otherwise you will not receive SMS with the access code.